Locations & Contact Information

 Santa Cruz Courthouse


Santa Cruz Court

701 Ocean Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


 Watsonville Courthouse


Watsonville Courthouse

1 Second Street
Watsonville, CA 95076



Contacting the Court in Person

You can visit the courthouses at the addresses shown above.

Please refer to the individual "Division" pages for hours of operation.

Contacting the Court by Phone

Clerks Offices Open 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday - Friday

Santa Cruz: (831) 420-2200

Watsonville: (831) 786-7200

Contacting the Court by Mail

The mailing address for all departments are located on their respective pages under "Divisions".

Contacting the Court by Email


Civil civilinfo@santacruzcourt.org
Criminal criminalinfo@santacruzcourt.org
Family Law/ Juvenile Dependency familylawinfo@santacruzcourt.org
Administration admininfo@santacruzcourt.org
Jury juryinfo@santacruzcourt.org
Juvenile Delinquency juvenileinfo@santacruzcourt.org
Probate civilinfo@santacruzcourt.org
Small Claims smallclaimsinfo@santacruzcourt.org
Traffic trafficinfo@santacruzcourt.org
Human Resources hrinfo@santacruzcourt.org
News and Media press@santacruzcourt.org
Self Help selfhelp.information@santacruzcourt.org

Important information about emailing the Court

If your situation is time-sensitive and needs immediate attention, do not rely on emailing the court. Even if you email the court, you are still responsible for coming to court, making payments, etc. by the date you have been given by the court. Contact the court in person or by phone (see above) in these cases. To email a court department, use the appropriate email address listed above.

Emailing Judicial Officers: Judicial Officers cannot accept email from litigants. If you need to discuss an issue with the Judicial Officer in your case, you must file the required court forms to schedule a court hearing. Remember that you have to give notice to all parties and their attorneys of record, by serving them with a copy of the forms after you file them.

Information that Helps Us Help You

When reporting a problem to the Court, it helps if you provide as much information as possible:

If the inquiry involves a case

Please tell us the party name, case title, and/or case number.

If the inquiry involves a traffic citation

Please include your birthdate and the citation number.

If reporting a web problem

Please provide the URL/web address or title of the page you were on.

Providing this information will help us try to fix the problem as soon as possible.