Electronic Filing:

Civil Cases

The Superior Court requires electronic filing ("e-filing") in civil case types, this includes civil, family (except Department of Child Support Services), probate, LPS, appellate (except felony appellate filings) and dependency cases types. 

Criminal Cases

E-filing of trial documents is mandatory starting Monday, July 3, 2017. It is expected that more criminal documents will be accepted through e-filing by January 2, 2018. 


To get started go to: http://www.odysseyefileca.com/service-providers.htm.   Once you pick the e-filing Service Provider (EFSP) you would like to use for e-filing you will be able to go through their tutorial on how to do e-filing.

Santa Cruz Superior Court’s local rule regarding e-filing is posted on our Local Rules page, see rule 1.3.


Odyssey eFileCA Overview Bar Presentation (March 9,2016)

eCheck Payments Starting July 25, 2016

Frequently asked questions (June 30, 2017)

Instructions for e-filing in criminal cases (March 24, 2016)


After reviewing the materials posted on this site if you still have questions about Santa Cruz Superior Court e-filing please contact: Sasha Morgan, Director of Civil Operations: sasha.morgan@santacruzcourt.org for civil case types or Tim Newman, Director of Criminal Operations: tim.newman@santacruzcourt.org for criminal case types.